Security and Stabilisation

In post-civil war regions, security, justice, and stabilisation are fundamental for peace and progress. Asal works to improve security infrastructure, access to justice, and overall stability in the Somali-speaking regions. Our efforts contribute to building trust and facilitate lasting peace and development. 

Stabilisation: PCVE, Women, Peace, and Security  

Security challenges in the greater Horn of Africa have brought in sharper focus the multiple threats requiring new approaches to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Asal has exceptional competency in designing and implementing programs that respond adequately to complex historical and contemporary security issues. We support stabilisation efforts that address conflict drivers and strengthen peace processes. We advance peace processes that involve entire populations and especially centering women’s meaningful participation through the WPS agenda.

The complex challenges created by the interplay of regional, intrastate and intercommunal insecurity require issue-based inclusive discussions on areas of strategic importance to governments and societies. Asal is an impartial and credible convenor, using our technical skills, insights, reach and spaces to augment well known political (but often closed) forums with locally led dialogues that include the perspectives of citizens. These dialogues in the wider theme of security sector reform (SSR) inform security policy creation and implementation.  Asal’s partners with civil society organisations seeks to bring together duty bearers and citizens to link diverse ideas, experiences and interests for improved security governance and accountability. Through this work, Asal is set up to work intentionally on the deep inequities and exclusion faced by women and members of marginalised communities. In collaboration with CSOs and local community structures we amplify diverse voices, participation and contributions to strategic local, national and regional debates.