South West State Perspectives on the Social Contract

Baidoa, Southwest State, Somalia
June 25, 2024
Asal and Saferworld, in partnership with the Institute for Research Analysis and Dialogue (IRAD), are honored to host a collaborative Symposium titled ‘Southwest State Perspectives on the Social Contract’ on Tuesday, 25 June 2024, in Baidoa. The Symposium will delve into the unique Somali perspectives on social contract(s) and their relevance to contemporary debates on citizenship, political settlements, and state (re)building projects. The social contract has emerged as a lens to address distinct Somali challenges, including inclusive development policies and outcomes. This Symposium is part of the Somali Perspectives on the Social Contract Series, a dedicated initiative aimed at fostering subnational and federal discourse. The series serves as a platform for sharing diverse perspectives and developing strategies that are deeply rooted in the local context.

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