Who we are

Who we are
by Asal Consulting


Asal Consulting is a top tier consulting firm focused on Somalia and all Somali speaking regions surrounding the Horn of Africa. Every member of our team is a Somali speaking expert with a wealth of personal and professional experience living, working and leading projects across the region. This experience ensures an intimate, nuanced and intuitive understanding of the cultural, political and structural complexities of post – civil war regions and, crucially, enables us to provide solutions and services that are tailored and effective within the local context and culture. With our proximity to the realities on the ground we overcome the common barriers and challenges faced by larger international organizations allowing us to efficiently and directly deliver impact to where it is needed most.


A society defined by trust and confidence in public institutions and a belief in people to build their own futures.


To support public administration and business environment reform through local capacity building, leadership development and strategic intervention


At Asal Consulting, we understand where the most endemic and complex problems in the region lie and we focus our work on building an effective public administration sector which is at the heart of any functional, stable and cohesive society. By driving forward leadership and technical skill capacity at an individual and institutional level in key areas of governance, policy development, operational organization and change management we are creating impact across multiple sectors and in the lives of millions nationwide. Together, these actions drive a wider cultural and societal shift that will allow post conflict countries to be recognized and respected as regional and international players



We are open, transparent and honest at every level of our company and in every engagement we undertake. Our fierce focus on achieving tangible change and impact is underpinned by our equally strong commitment to the way in which we do our work and the necessity to build and maintain a reputation of integrity and dedication to those people and places we work to build.

Courage and Commitment

Our personal and professional bond with the communities we serve creates a passion and commitment to leading change in people and public institutions and ultimately building a better, more prosperous nation. Allied to this is our courage to push boundaries and to see the possibilities we need to pursue with conviction, optimism and humanity

Relationships Matter

We cultivate and value the relationships we hold within the regions we serve and we use our cultural connections and understanding to anticipate challenges ahead and manage the risks and uncertainties prevalent in unpredictable regions. By understanding that context matters we take an approach that is personal and adaptable to local environments. We focus on the individual perspectives of people for whom we care about and learn from, helping us build relationships and social capital.

Excellence and Ingenuity

The strategies and solutions we provide are rooted in professional expertise and an expectation of excellence at all times in our work. We understand the quality of our work and impact is a direct reflection of who we are and our ability to successfully deliver on our objectives. It is critical we demonstrate consistent high standards in service delivery and when necessary be able to show creativity and resourcefulness to overcome challenges and fulfil our commitments to the individuals and communities we are working with.

Community and Inclusion

As a team we nurture the bond created between individuals in pursuit of a common goal. The unique skills and characteristics of every individual are valued and brought together to build a strong and diverse team with a sense of community and cohesion. We support people to grow and we understand that to achieve this we must provide an environment of inclusion, in particular, increasing the role of women in rebuilding communities and societies is critical to our work.