Support for Civil Service Commissions

Support for Civil Service Commissions
by Asal Consulting

Project: Support for Civil Service Commissions

Background :

Following the establishment of sub-national authorities in Galmudug, South West State and Hiiraan & Shabelle the establishment of sound public administration and financial management was identified as a priority area for reform. In this context, Asal worked with the Civil Service Commissions and the Ministries of Finance to strengthen their technical and institutional capacities.

Delivery and Outcome :

The project achieved a wide ranging support package, which included:

  • The provision of an embedded PFM Advisor to support the Minister for Finance in IGA
  • Assistance with the recruitment of three Commissioners and five Civil Service Commission staff
  • The development of several regulations to help the Civil Service Commissions discharge their responsibilities
  • Creation of relevant recruitment documentation and processes to help the participating states to conduct transparent and merit based recruitment processes
  • Oversight in the recruitment of 24 members of staff for the Ministry of Finance and Revenue Authority in Hiiraan & Shabelle State