Adaptive Learning Partner for BRCiS

Adaptive Learning Partner for BRCiS
by Asal Consulting

Project: Adaptive Learning Partner for BRCiS


Asal served as a learning Partner for BRCiS (Building Resilient Communities in Somalia). Project is about adaptive learning in programming:

This involved providing project management support and working with the Centre of Humanitarian Change (CHC) to develop an Adaptive Learning Strategy that sets an Adaptive Learning Agenda for BRCiS (during their inception phase) to strengthen its culture and environment for learning and adaptation. The strategy acts as an overarching guide to how BRCiS will
collaborate to transform their approach. This transformation will allow BRCiS to support communities to strengthen their resilience by taking a systemic approach to learning and adapting to the context of Somalia.

Delivery & Outcome

During it’s inception phase, BRCiS agreed that the cornerstones or values of its Adaptive Learning approach, detailed in its Adaptive Learning strategy, were to be collaborative, iterative, agile, locally led and transformative. The strategy describes the BRCiS objectives to create a culture for adaptive learning. This will involve activities, described in the learning agenda, to strengthen BRCiS individuals, teams and organisations mind-sets, relationships and skills in learning and adapting.