Public Administration Reform

Public Administration Reform
by Asal Consulting


Leading real change in the public sector calls for innovative approaches anchored in local experience and knowledge. Across Asal Consulting’s areas of expertise we combine our creativity, ideas and energy to implement viable strategies and actions that deliver on clearly defined objectives. Our methodology is both structured and intuitive, with an ability to adapt to changing environments or contexts whilst remaining effective and meaningful in its delivery.

The distinctive value of Asal Consulting’s approach is our knowledge of the specific experiences in the regions and communities we serve. We hold a deep understanding of government decision-making processes and the issues associated with weak coordination, conflicting approaches, and the challenges in translating policies into successful, implementable action.


Civil Service Reform

Asal Consulting works with actors and authorities across local, regional and central government level to help harmonize the relationship and improve cohesion, communication and strategy towards a common goal. To this end, Asal Consulting has undertaken assessment of Civil Service capacity and developed Civil Service regulation policy and delivered training on the implementation of policies. As part of progressive reforms in the Civil Service sector, Asal Consulting has led in reforming the pay and grading structure to ensure alignment with an individual’s level of education and professional experience. At the individual and departmental level, Asal Consulting delivers managerial training to develop and refine crucial soft skills such as communication, leadership, and interpersonal relationship building.

Institutional Development

Strong, stable and effective institutions that deliver reliable and trusted public services are a bedrock to any healthy, productive society. Asal Consulting has worked closely with institutions, such as Civil Service Commissions, to build leadership and management capacity and bring enhanced structure and accountability to improve the delivery of operations and services. This is supported by the development of a Code of Conduct led by Asal Consulting, and the introduction of technology for data collection and monitoring.

Multi-Level Governance

Asal Consulting works at the heart of Somalia’s changing landscape. Our unique multi-level expertise, operational reach and network has assisted clients to tackle a myriad of challenges around decision-making and implementation at various territorial levels of governance. During this important transition from a centralized government structure to a federal state, the division of power and the coordination between local, regional and national structures is being redefined, with crucial structural and policy development taking place concurrently. Asal Consulting is attuned to critical federal questions and has significant experience of the impact of multi-level governance on legal structures, financial systems, policy-making and governance. From this position, Asal Consulting offers valuable expertise and support to deliver the right outcomes to a complex and intricate process.

Good Governance


Our electoral work draws upon several of Asal’s core capabilities including legal, social/political economy analysis, women leadership, managing sensitive topics and multi-level governance. We support clients at any stage of the electoral cycle and cover elections, political pluralism, independent media and independent accountability mechanisms. As part of our experience in vertical accountability we aim to realize citizens’ right to political participation and suffrage as part of their full enjoyment of human rights.


Accountability & transparency

Somalia has the unenviable highest ranking in global corruption indices. Corruption and lack of transparency and accountability have created dismally low levels of public trust, wastage of precious finances and poor public service delivery. Asal Consulting was invited by the current government to propose a multi-pronged approach to combat corruption. We conceive our interventions in a way that looks at the entire “eco-system” that causes governance failure. Engaging both state and civil society actors, our measures are aimed to develop technical capacity for the prevention, detection and prosecution of the misuse of public resources and property. We also integrate within this strand of work ideas to help create a culture of ethics in public office and interventions to enhance the effectiveness of international aid and government funding.

Rule of Law

Legislative reform

Asal Consulting has assisted the Federal Government and the Federal Parliament of Somalia with bold and innovative ideas to strengthen the legislative process. This includes proposals to encourage relevant institutions to take greater control of their legislative agenda setting power; strengthen the law-making process by making it more transparent, participatory and consultative and finally improving the adoptions of draft laws by facilitating their drafting and debating in the Somali language, as opposed to the commonly adopted English.


Constitution-making and implementation

The Federal Constitution adopted in 2012 regulates all fundamental areas of interaction between citizens and the State. A well functioning constitutional order can foster a more peaceful, inclusive and equitable societies. Asal Consulting provides imaginative and effective interventions to help entrench a broader culture of constitutionalism. Our legal team has deep knowledge of Somali and comparative constitutional law.


Access to justice and security

Our technical assistance is focused on the establishment and enhancement of inter and intra-institutional cooperation and capacity development for law enforcement and the judiciary. Asal Consulting is in the process of launching a new project to help improve the development of security and access to justice in Hirshabelle, Jubaland and South West State. The project leverages Asal Consulting’s legal capabilities as well as its institutional reform and leadership expertise to improve the performance of security and justice institutions and officials. Asal Consulting’s multi-level governance experience of working extensively at the federal member state level is also a crucial and necessary strength in this project’s successful implementation.