Leadership Development

Leadership Development
by Asal Consulting


Whether geared toward a single individual, executive management teams, or entire organizations, Asal  Consulting’s leadership development consulting services help organizations fully assess their talent’s strengths and weaknesses. Our leadership development approach is grounded in an upfront analysis that helps participants to clearly see and exploit their strengths while providing visibility to their areas of unique opportunity.

We seek to nurture participants’ growth in the results-driven context of each organization while challenging perceptions, exposing blind spots, and developing better behaviors. Asal Consulting offers a variety of training, facilitation, consultation and coaching services and resources to promote organizational readiness, facilitate the development of individual leaders and their teams and support development of a leadership culture.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching with Asal Consulting is a customized process of leader development that occurs within a professional relationship between one of our coaches and a client. Through a collaborative, data-driven process within a relationship of mutual respect and trust, the executive coach and client work in partnership to enhance the client’s ability to achieve meaningful goals and to expand professional and organizational potential.

While coaching includes important creative and imaginative elements, various research-based assessment instruments and change strategies are also employed. We use EQ-i2.0 and EQ-i360 Emotional Intelligence Assessment test to builds self-awareness and understanding of individual strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, as well as the impact on others. Asal Consulting’s coaching process is outcomes driven, relationship focused and self-directed.

Team Coaching

Team coaching involves a single coach, either a skilled outsider or team leader working with a group of managers or executives. This type of coaching gives members of the group the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities. By partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, the coach can introduce new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance.

Asal Consulting’s team coaching services improve the performance of an intact team using a world-class diagnostic tool to assess team effectiveness. Our programs are designed to align with organizational strategy, vision, core values, and future development objectives whilst working in partnership with senior management.

Pre-Employment Assessments

There is a growing need for the use of a valid and expert assessment as an effective way to match applicants with the right jobs as pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant’s ability to perform in a particular environment, culture or organization.

Two decades of research suggest that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of job performance, employee engagement, and leadership ability than technical skills and industry experience alone.

The purpose of Asal Consulting’s pre-hire assessment is to collect accurate and complete job and candidate data to recommend the best person for a specific role. Asal Consulting is offering the EQ-i2.0Emotional Intelligence Assessment test as the primary pre-employment screening tool for employers seeking highly skilled candidates who also demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ), possess specific traits that align with the organizations values, and are a good cultural fit.

Succession Planning

High-performing organizations require a clear vision and goals, an understanding of client/service user and stakeholder needs, and smart, long-term investments in people. For succession planning to work, there needs to be strategic alignment of human resources and careful consideration given to agency strategic plans and objectives. A strategy for at least the next three to five years is essential. By expanding succession planning efforts, an organization may more easily, and consistently, identify a pool of talented people.

Retention strategies and succession planning is particularly crucial for organizations at risk of high-turnover rates, which is rather common in high stress, high risk work environments. Asal Consulting’s succession planning services are designed to create a clear and accountable plan to ensure internal successors are ready to assume key positions in the organization.