Business Environment reform

Business Environment reform
by Asal Consulting


A strong private sector drives economic growth, innovation and job creation; critical factors for reconstruction and development. Asal Consulting works directly with businesses and within the wider business ecosystem to develop sound operations, compliance strategies, standard legal structures and risk management.

Using leading management tools and strategies, Asal Consulting supports increased productivity, improved teamwork, and effective change management and ensures businesses are positioned to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing business environments. Asal Consulting offers direct support services, insights, and real-time data to support clients and the business environment in transitioning to more cohesive, prosperous and professional operations.


Public Private Dialogue

To help achieve the right balance of development impact and business benefit, Asal Consulting works with the Somali private sector to utilize the Public Private Dialogue (PPD) framework to strengthen the partnership of public officials and business community. Asal Consulting also works with business leaders to raise awareness and ensure the private sector has input into government policy at the design stage. This supports the adoption and enacting of practical and relevant business policies and laws.

Business Policy and Regulation

In Somali business environment, weak regulation is one of the most pressing challenges. Asal Consulting works with the private sector to implement structural and legal improvement as part of investment ready reforms that are required for the Somali private sector to do business with regional and global financial systems. To this end, Asal Consulting’s work with Somali business leaders includes helping them ‘corporatize’ Somali companies by adopting formal corporate structures and legal frameworks. Asal Consulting also helps the business community in advancing effective business policies in federal and state legislatures to create a regulatory environment that promotes and protects economic growth.

Small & Medium size Enterprise Development

Asal Consulting works with the business community to strengthen administrative and financial capacities. Asal Consulting’s services in this area include providing tools to help private sector leaders carry out organizational and leadership development.

Business Advocacy

Asal Consulting provides necessary facilitation to help businesses mobilize required resources to promote business interests. Asal Consulting’s experience in this area supports business leaders’ in organizational development and facilitation of engagement with international bodies. Asal Consulting also provides advocacy for the private sector to take on a greater role in infrastructure development and humanitarian efforts in collaboration with international actors. This utilizes Asal Consulting’s convening power to conduct strategic planning sessions and organize and facilitate donor round table conferences. These sessions and conferences present opportunities for the business community to meet with various actors in Somalia to promote effective partnership with Somali private sector to support political stability, security, and economic growth of the country.