by Asal Consulting

Our Approach

To respond effectively, and efficiently, in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, Asal Consulting has developed unique approach to its services underpinned by our values, agility, responsiveness and experience. Our approach includes our four key differentiating focus areas; Harnessing Somali Talent, Local Knowledge – Tailored Solutions, Gender and Social Inclusion and Technology.

Public Administration Reform

Leading real change in the public sector calls for innovative approaches anchored in local experience and knowledge. Across Asal Consulting’s areas of expertise we combine our creativity, ideas and energy to implement viable strategies and actions that deliver on clearly defined objectives. Our methodology is both structured and intuitive, with an ability to adapt to changing environments or contexts whilst remaining effective and meaningful in its delivery.

Business Environment Reform

A strong private sector drives economic growth, innovation and job creation; critical factors for reconstruction and development. Asal Consulting works directly with businesses and within the wider business ecosystem to develop sound operations, compliance strategies, standard legal structures and risk management.

Leadership Development

Whether geared toward a single individual, executive management teams, or entire organizations, Asal Consulting’s leadership development consulting services help organizations fully assess their talent’s strengths and weaknesses. Our leadership development approach is grounded in an upfront analysis that helps participants to clearly see and exploit their strengths while providing visibility to their areas of unique opportunity.