Our Approach

Our Approach
by Asal Consulting


The transition to stability, democracy and socio-economic reconstruction presents distinct challenges and opportunities in the Somali context.

To respond effectively, and efficiently, in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, Asal Consulting has developed unique approach to its services underpinned by our values, agility, responsiveness and experiences. Our approach includes our four key differentiating focus.

Harnessing Somali talent

Asal Consulting’s talent pool includes the best of Somali professionals, giving us in-house expertise across different disciplines and specialization. Our strong understanding of the Somali context is an added strength that engenders high levels of confidence and support for our work. Our team brings a formidable diversity of experience to bear upon the delivery of services. They combine their robust technical expertise with an intimate grasp of the local context and have an ability to communicate in a language and manner that is understandable to our partners.

Local Knowledge. Tailored Solutions

We use global standards to deliver local, sustainable and durable transformations allowing public and private sector clients the foundations needed to drive forward their institutions. We have an intimate, nuanced and intuitive understanding of the cultural, political and structural complexities of post – civil war Somalia and, crucially, this enables us to provide solutions and services that are tailored and effective within the local context and culture

Gender and Social Inclusion

Shifts in social institutions and cultural norms demand a rethink in existing gender analyses and frameworks. In recognition of the untapped potential of women in finding durable solutions to complex development challenges, Asal Consulting works with multiple actors to strengthen women’s agency to make and influence decisions and to advance gender equality.


We strongly believe in the importance and the utility of technology to gain and maintain competitive advantage. We deem the application of technology in finding sustainable solutions for challenges in conflict zones as a key to arriving successful outcome. In the context of Somalia’s complete state collapse, persistent insecurity and humanitarian emergencies, we believe technology-based approaches can bring about “disruptive” solutions and establish real mechanism for implementation. In our core services, we adopt technology to affect positive change in social betterment and business efficiency.